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a workshop to empower women

April 25, 9:30 a.m. til 12:30 p.m.


Self-Love & Relationship Coach

9:30 til 10:45 a.m.

Do you often find yourself putting other’s needs before your own (and feeling guilty saying “no” or receiving help)? Do you love the IDEA of prioritizing yourself but worry that other’s will have to sacrifice in order for you to do that? Do you sometimes have a hard time even KNOWING what you need, let alone communicating those needs?


Chances are that you are a deeply generous person who wants to be cherished for ALL that you are, to clearly say YES when you mean it and NO when you don’t…yet you fear being selfish, needy, or asking too much…and so instead, YOU end up hiding yourself, sacrificing, being anxious and depleted. The truth is that in order to be truly generous AND experience yourself being cherished at the deepest level, you actually have to learn how to stop sacrificing and fully CHOOSE YOURSELF, FIRST.


Are you ready to stop tip-toeing, to take up space with your full expression and to receive at the level that you give?


I created this Workshop: Choose Yourself First as the foundational step in learning how to stop sacrificing, get crystal clear on what you actually want and need in order to create the life you want and receive the love that you deserve. We will explore how everything that you feel from your joy to your anxiety to your anger is a sacred guide pointing you to what you need and how to begin listening to yourself exquisitely so that you can start prioritizing your own pleasure and creating thriving relationships in every area of your life. We will create the foundation for you to shift out of people-pleasing & self-sacrifice to only give from authentic generosity, instead.


In order to experience extraordinary relationships while being fully expressed, TRULY generous & at peace within yourself, you actually need to learn how to shift your focus from giving toward receiving. When your pleasure comes first, you can have everything that you want in love & life...and I'll show you how.



Spiritual Life, Movement + Wellness Coach

11:00 til 12:30 p.m.

Our bodies are our greatest source of wisdom and the vehicles for true transformation.  This portion of the workshop is designed to help you drop into your body and address the most primal parts of your brain and nervous system in order to fully embody your desires.  Heather will guide you through various movement practices: including rhythmic movements and yoga: as well as meditation and journaling to fully claim your desires, empower you to take aligned actions in your life and shake loose the resistance blocking your from your own Truth.  

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