A farm and a dream.



Built in 1913 with a vision of love.

Our farm was built in 1913 by a German farmer named Al Sumnicht in the hopes of attracting a wife. Each room in our 100+ year old farmhouse has a window that faces South, with a view of the barn.

Al eventually met his wife Laura and they were married on August 16, 1917. Ironically Al passed away that same day in 1953.


Slow down. Go Deep.

Our retreats offer an incredible opportunity to get in touch with your Inner Self. We take care of all of the details so you can show up and allow yourself to shift into your natural state of bliss using yoga, meditation, music or sound vibration.

The land itself also brings a powerful element to each retreat. Spend time in our barn with a yoga class or take a walk through our woods and meditate on a platform surrounded by nature.


These retreats are unique experiences that you cannot find elsewhere.


Continuing the vision of love.

Kevin and Maria grew up on small farms in Southern Wisconsin. Both have always felt a connection to nature. They bought this Farm in 2014.

They feel the importance of preserving the idea of attracting love and bringing together wholeness.
It brings them great joy to honor this Barn and preserve its beauty. They are grateful to be able
to share this space with community.

When they are not hosting events in their barn, Kevin and Maria tend to many of their gardens, including herbs for their bees. A great love of theirs is adopting senior dogs. They currently care for a 6-pack of seniors.

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